The kickoff Meeting of the two years project on Breaking Barriers in Education Inclusion, Rehabilitation and Technology (BRET) held at Jamk University in Finland today. The project aims at contributing towards an enhanced capacity of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in East Africa to break barriers hindering the full inclusion of persons with disabilities into society in the digital era. Specifically, the project aims at addressing the removing barriers that impact full inclusion of persons with disabilities, thereby fostering a new equitable educational landscape’

Commented by the Rector of Jamk University Prof. Vesa Saarikoski , the project is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is administered by the French National Agency for Education (fDUM. It will be carried out between 2024 – 2025. On his remarks during the opening session, the Vice Chancellor of the State University of Zanzibar, Prof. Moh’d Makame Haji expressed his gratitude to the Rector and Jamk University for accepting to be the coordinator of the project and urges all partners in the BRET, University of Jamk from Finland, University of Tampere from Finland, University of Rwanda from Rwanda and the State University of Zanzibar to strongly continue with this collaboration for the positive impact of the regions.