The School of Kiswahili and Foreign Languages is among the schools established by the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) since October 2012, before its emergence as the outcome of massive restructuring process started in 2012, there was the Institute of Kiswa- hili and Foreign Languages which was established in 1979. The School is located at Nkrumah Campus.

The aim of the school is to produce highly educated and trained professional teachers, specialized in Languages with Education.

The School also provides opportunities for learning Kiswahili and some of the major foreign languages which include English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Portuguese and Chinese. In addition, the school also undertakes research in Kiswahili and provides facilities for both local and foreign students wishing to pursue short courses in Kiswahili.

The School has a pool of trained academic staff whose qualifications are from well-established and reputable universities from within Tanzania and abroad.

School Departments 

The school of Kiswahili and Foreign languages is an innovative and industry oriented School, pursuing excellence in teaching, learning, cutting edge value – added research and consultancy, community outreach, as well as providing a vibrant student life.
To be the leader in Kiswahili and Foreign languages training, research and services internationally.
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School of Kiswahili and Foreign Languages

P. O. Box 146
Zanzibar – Tanzania

Tel: + 255-24-2230724

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