Enhancing Entrepreneurship Innovation E leaning and Sustainability in Higher Education in Africa (EEI-SHEA)

The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) on 29th April 2019 to 2nd May 2019 has organized four days workshop as a part of face to face workshop designed to happen in Africa in implementing the (EEI-SHEA) Erasmus Project.  The workshop was held about 5 kilometer from Stone Town, at one of SUZA campus at institute of Tourism Development. The activity planned to provide an opportunity for the Local Task Force trained in Europe to address the experience brought forward to their fellow staff and interested persons. The capacity building involved four thematic areas as implemented in the project.

The workshop participants got opportunities to be highlighted about EEISHEA Erasmus project and it intended outcome of reviewing Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health. It also inaugurates and officiates launching of the project at campus level, in which stakeholders from internal and external were welcomed and got together for the first time.

Among the participants included the panel members from department of Allied Sciences in School of Medicine and Health Science, member from Non Governmental Organizations, members from local media, Government Departments and other staff from Institute of Tourism. It also involves LTF and Subject specialties from the University of North (Denmark and Sweden). The workshop was well attended about 30 participants took parts in the event. It was officially invited the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, in Which Dr Salum Seif Mchenga, the Dean of School of Medicine and Health Sciences represented him.

On behalf of Deputy Vice chancellor academics, Dr. Salum Seif Mchenga, made the inauguration speech in which he insisted on the need of enhancing partnership and collaboration among the institutions attending the function and involve in EEI-SHEA Erasmus Project. He further expresses the readiness of the SUZA management to ensure what has been planned in three years programs are being implemented as scheduled.

Notably SUZA is one of the beneficiaries of project under European Union Scheme called European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students). The project encompass range of diverse active and collaborative teaching and learning approaches with the purpose of  enhancing elements of  Entrepreneurship Innovation E leaning and Sustainability in Higher Education in Africa.

The project intends to review the Bachelor of Science Environmental Health by aligning it with local, national and regional needs and priorities and redesign in close collaboration with the external stakeholders.

During the first day of four days events some external stakeholders from various institutions got opportunities to hear the zero draft of tracer study findings, as a part of process in reviewing the Bachelor of Science and Environmental Studies. Some comments and contribution were provided and it was informed that there would be another meeting specifically for internal and external stakeholders so as to finalize tracer study report. On the other hand during the last days the colleagues from northern Europe conducted the half day session on ABC Approach of Review program. It highlighted how the review and arrangement of the courses using ABC Approach can be done.

During the presentation the participants from internal and external university across academic and administrative cadres got opportunities of receiving information and sharing expatriate in four thematic areas, where two trainers in subject areas in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sustainability and E-learning and Student Centered Learning presented what they have learnt from the subject specialties and colleagues from northern countries in Europe.

The idea was getting the big picture of what is going to be done in review process and how these elements should be reflected in new reviewed curricula.