About School

we are proud to introduce to you School of Business which was formally known as Zanzibar Institute of Financial Administration (ZIFA).

Our School is Committed to develop students intellectually, professionally, and individually through rigorous programs that will distinguish our graduates as innovative thinkers, articulate communicators and business leaders.

Our Programs are of high quality, tailored to your career aspirations and fully registered and accredited by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE), and recognized by the Tanzania Commission for University (TCU) and National Board of Accoutants and Auditors (NBAA), Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TIPSF) and Higher Education Students Loan Board (HESLB).

Campus is located about 30 kilometers away from Unguja town, at Chwaka village in Southern Region, Central District of Unguja, Zanzibar-Tanzania.

Our dedicated Staff have extensive experience and are enthusiastic about the courses they teach.

Programmes offered at School of Business

  • Undergraduate programmes.
  • Bachelor degree in Financial Administration – Accounting.
  • Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance
  • Bachelor degree in Procurement and Supply Management.
  • Bachelor degree in Information Technology with Accounting.

Diploma programmes

  • Ordinary Diploma in Financial Administration – Accounting
  • Ordinary Diploma in Information Technology with Accounting
  • Ordinary Diploma in Procurement and Supply¬†Management
  • Diploma in Information Communication Technology (ICT) with Accounting

Certificate programmes

  • Basic Certificate in Financial Administration
  • Certificate in Information Communication Technology(ICT)with Accounting

Contact Information

Dean of School

Dr. Iddi Salum haji
website: www.suza.ac.tz