School of Kiswahili & Foreign language

About School

The School of Kiswahili and Foreign Language is among the schools established by the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) since October 2012, before its emergence as the outcome of massive restructuring process started in 2012, there was the Institute of Kiswahili and Foreign Languages.

Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Arts with Education (BA.Ed)

For the Students with Arts subjects combinations.

Bachelor of Kiswahili with Education (B.Kisw.Ed)

For the Students with Kiswahili Linguistics and Kiswahili Literature.

Diploma of languages with Education

for the students who need special language

Masters of Arts in Kiswahili

Phd in Kiswahili

this program offered by the center for Graduate Studies and Research in the State University of Zanzibar and plans to establish M.A in Kiswahili program in the near future

Contact Information

School of Kiswahili & Foreign Languages

P.O.Box: 146



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School Team

Dr. Haroun Ayoub Maalim
Dean of School