SUZA - Centers

Centre for ICT Services (CICTS) provides information technology (IT) systems and services that support SUZA’s education, research, and administrative programs. While working to modernize these systems, CICTS is also collaborating with faculty, staff, and students on innovative IT services to meet the diverse needs of the SUZA community.

The Centre for Digital Learning is located at Tunguu Campus at the State University of Zanzibar. It was established as an approach to implement SUZA’s 5years strategic plan that had one of the key objectives which is To improve ICT capacity and its effective utilization in teaching, research and management.

The expansion and development of Kiswahili as both, a discipline and a language of wider communication has over the years made impressive strides locally, regionally and globally. This has brought about a number of challenges that deemed necessary to address them. These include among others harmonization of Kiswahili teaching, research, methods and techniques, dissemination of Kiswahili knowledge, Kiswahili programmes, use of ICT and media, collaboration and partnership. In responding with local, regional and global challenges in promoting and advancing Kiswahili, The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) has recently established the Centre to efficiently deal with them in collaboration with other local, regional and international institutions with a similar interest.