Building Stronger Universities SUZA Partnership Symposium 2023

5-6 June 2023, the partners in the Building Stronger Universities programme (BSU) celebrate 12 years of fruitful collaboration with a two-day symposium at Zanzibar Beach Resort.

The event is attended by Hon. Lela M. Mussa, Zanzibar’s Minister of Education and Vocational Training, as well as project partners and collaborators from Zanzibar, Denmark, Tanzania, Uganda, and Somaliland.

The symposium programme includes contributions from key stakeholders and partners, as well as presentations by PhDs from the BSU collaboration programme about key research findings.

The Building Stronger Universities programme has been in operation at the State University of Zanzibar for more than 12 years, and is funded by DANIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark. The key research areas in the BSU-SUZA collaboration include environmental public health and marine and coastal ecosystem health and services.

Contact: Prof. Hamad Issa,