The competition which is aimed to strengthen university students’ competencies within real-world case solving through employment of practical, theoretical, innovative and interdisciplinary thinking reached its final on 31stMarch, 2019 at Vuga Campus.

This event, having the objective of offering students a unique opportunity to work inter-disciplinarily while engaging their academic skills and competencies to develop innovative solutions to real-world issues in addition to provide them with an opportunity to network and learn from and with each other, faculty and external sources was so colourful and competitive to the extent that it gave the juries a hard time to decide a team to emerge the winner!

In fact, all participants were the winners but since in all competitions there must be winners, runners up, etc that was the case in this contest.

The case for this year’s competition which focused on solid waste management was provided by the Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA).

This event is a close collaboration between the State University of Zanzibar and the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) from Denmark under the Building Stronger University program which is funded by DANIDA.