Higher education institutions have been urged to prepare curricula that will focus on enabling students to be innovative rather than simply taking other peoples’ ideas so that they can eventually build a nation with academics who can tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

The advice was given by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Hon. Lela Mohammed Mussa while launching the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) Case Challenge Competition 2021 which aimed at inventing talents and innovation skills among the students for the sake of preparing them solving the challenges in society. 

The competition that featured students of all SUZA Campuses was held at the SUZA Institute of Tourism Hall in Maruhubi on January 17th, 2021. The main theme of this competition was Tourism and Corona (Covid-19).

Hon. Lela said that the eighth phase government led by the President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi respects the advocacy and upgrading of the tourism industry with the goals of promoting the Zanzibar economy.

Hon. Lela continued by saying that the competition is a clear testimony that there are many opportunities for employment if students’ talents and innovations are fully functional and increasingly set goals and direction for their future.

She added that various studies are needed to be conducted alongside innovations on how to improve the tourism industry so educational institutions are supposed to involve in similar competitions in higher learning institutions in order to enhance students’ strength in solving challenges in their lives.

The Minister urged students to refrain from actions that would hinder their dreams of succeeding in their studies such as engaging in drug use.

Expressing her greetings, Dr. Zakia Mohamed Abubakar, the Vice-Chancellor of the State University of Zanzibar encouraged students to be creative, innovative and devote more to educational issues where they would be able to analyze the challenges in society.

The Vice Chancellor remarked that such competitions create innovative morale and provide opportunities for students of the State University of Zanzibar to have progressive and critical thinking, so there is a need for other universities to establish such competitions to build more students with greater capacity to combat challenges in their lives.

A total of 36 students from various campuses of the State University of Zanzibar took part in the competition where the winners were gifted.