SUZA and University of Comoros Strengthen their Cooperation


The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) has on 29th July, 2022 revived a memorandum of understanding with the University of Comoros from the Union of Comoros to join forces on improving performance in promoting languages, education, social sciences and humanities through mutual collaboration. The event took place at Tunguu Main Campus.

The signing ceremony for the memorandum of understanding was officiated by Prof. Moh’d Makame Haji, Vice Chancellor of the SUZA while from the University of Comoros it was signed by Dr. Ibouroi Ali Toibibou, President of the University. The signing exercise was also witnessed by Dr. Asha Mhene, the Dean School Kiswahili and Foreign Languages and Mr. Hassan Aziz, the Legal Officer at the SUZA Legal Department and Dr Ali Abdoulhamid, Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities and other officials from University of Comoros.

The parties agreed to continuing encouraging mutually benefits in scientific, technological, educational and other relations which includes strengthening mobility of staff and students both graduate and undergraduate. Both parties consider the promotion and support of teaching, research and community outreach to be of primary importance in the fulfilment of their missions, goals and objectives and increases cultural understanding and appreciation. The memorandum was also signed with a view of promoting collaboration in joint research and publication activities and bilateral friendly exchanges of information.

In addition Dr. Asha Mhene, Dean School of Kiswahili and Foreign Languages ​​signed agreement with Dr Ali Abdoulhamid, Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities for the implementation of exchanges and support for teachers who will be on mobility to one or the other university. The addendum for memorandum of understanding becomes effective on the day it is signed and remains valid for five years whereas the first language experts from SUZA will be deployed to Comoros in October this year.