Strive for higher education knowledge, SUZA new students told

Dr. Zakia Abubakar, the Vice Chancellor of the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) has officially launched the 2019/2020 academic year during the occasion of welcoming the new students on 4thNovember, 2019.

“I hereby wish to express my special welcome to you for coming and joining our ever-growing academic community, the State University of Zanzibar,” she told the new students.

The Vice Chancellor informed the students that she has no doubt about their ability since all have been admitted into their respective programmes based on their competence. “But to succeed, you must continue exerting your effort. We on our part, endeavour more to create an enabling environment by putting in place the required resources,” she said.

She told the students that many candidates wished to be admitted at the State University of Zanzibar to pursue their studies in different courses but some of them were not selected either for spaces limitation in the programmes they have applied for or because of other genuine reasons, so the successful ones should value the opportunity they secured and therefore by any means should not misuse their time, instead they must utilize it effectively by engaging themselves in useful things which will help in their studies.

Orientation meeting for new students for the 2019/2020 academic year

She urged them to take their studies seriously in order to earn good grades that will enable them graduate with flying colours. She also urged them to read widely, take some responsibility for their learning and they should not only rely on lecturers’ notes but go further beyond what they will be offered by them. She then emphasized on discipline and responsibility in learning while at the same time focus on achieving academic excellence saying that these may form the basis of successful livelihood.

Earlier, Dr. Haroun Ayoub Maalim, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Planning, Finance and Administration assured new students of being in safe hands. “SUZA has among other issues the responsibility to orient the university community in terms of values, so we shall continue performing our duties to the nation’s entire satisfaction in nurturing your well-being,” he said.

He urged the students to live decently in and out of the university environment and that under no way SUZA will tolerate any misconducts committed by students. “You are here to learn how to live with other people, think and use your brains well in handling your freedom despite the many challenges you will face,” he insisted.

Dr. Haroun also advised the students to use their democratic organs for communication with the University administration and that they should fully participate in their State University of Zanzibar Students’ Organization (SUZASO). He asked them to give their full co-operation to their leaders. “Your SUZASO is a vital bridge between you and the university administration and you have to bear in mind that you are not above the SUZA administration in making decisions,” he reminded them.

He also insisted on the importance of paying the university fees declaring that without settling payments university activities cannot run appropriately, so students should give this issue priority for the mutual benefit of both sides.

On his side, Dr. Ali Makame Ussi, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics, Research and Consultancy reminded that in general terms a university is a community of both teachers and learners incessantly engaged in the pursuit of understanding, knowledge and truth; expanding, transmitting, enhancing and preserving knowledge. Therefore, everyone must take his or her commitment seriously knowing that higher education is now globally acknowledged as the agent for realization of wiping out any sort of ignorance and that it provides a critical mass of human resource for development.

Like his fellows, Dr. Ali Ussi encouraged the new students to strictly concentrate on their studies all the time and informed that his office is wide open to everyone seeking academic advice.

In opening the session, Ms. Salha Khalfan, the Dean of Students gave her welcome remarks by promising the new students to provide them with her maximum cooperation, she also requested their willing involvement in extra-curricular activities.

The classes at the State University of Zanzibar for the academic year 2019/2020 will officially commence on Monday 11th November, 2019 where the enrolled 2,400 new students will start their first year of lessons in over fifty various academic programmes.