The Senate Resolutions to Opening the Schools and Institutes under the State University of Zanzibar for Academic Year 2019/2020 – Second Semester University Calendar Starting from 1 st June, 2020.

Following the Presidential directive, that was made by His Excellency the President of the
United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Dr. John Joseph Pombe Magufuli, that urged all the Higher
Academic Institutions in Tanzania to re-open their campuses and start to deliver their
academic services as normal.
The State University of Zanzibar Senate held an emergency meeting on 26 th May, 2020 to
discuss the academic calendar and resumption of studies as directed by the Ministry of Higher
Education, Science and Technology of the United Republic of Tanzania and guidelines set by
the Vice Chancellors’ Committee of the Public Universities and the overseer and accreditation
organs of Higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania, The Tanzania Commission of Universities
and National Council for Technical Education.
Resolutions Reached in the Emergency Meeting on 26 th May, 2020
The following deliberations were decided and agreed upon to be implemented in the course of
re-opening of the State University of Zanzibar for the second semester academic year
1. The official opening of the second semester shall begin as decided by the Ministry of
Higher Education, Science and Technology of Tanzania on the 1 st June 2020.
2. There shall be 13 weeks of studies which cover the period from 1 st June, 2020 to 30 th
August, 2020 in which the training sessions shall be delivered in all programmes in
Schools and Institutes under SUZA.
3. It has been agreed that the academic activities including teaching workloads shall be
extended to cover 6 days in a week including during weekends on Saturdays.
4. All exams for the second semester shall be conducted starting from 31 st August, 2020
and end up on 13 th September,2020.

5. The Head of Academic units/ Departments and School Deans are required to submit
their exams for the second semester on timely manner as issued by the Directorate
responsible for coordinating such exams.
6. Students shall start their field works a week after finishing their exams; so their field
attachments shall begin on 22 nd September, 2020.
7. Enrollments and Admission of the students for the new academic year shall begin on
15 th November, 2020.
8. The Field Attachments for the Second and Third year students are proposed to take only
six weeks instead of 8 weeks as usually conducted and they shall begin on 7 th
September, 2020 to 16 th October, 2020.
9. There might be other alternatives to practical assessments when the schools or
institutes decide to do so if it deems fit.
10. School deans are required to arrange the attachments supervision or alternative to
practical sessions and submit their plan to DVC- Academic office as soon as possible.
11. The mode of conduct of Health Related Programme Practical shall be informed after the
consultation with academic department responsible for the same.
12. The practical sessions and field attachments shall be confined in Unguja and Pemba only
and students coming from Tanzania Mainland are required to arrange their field works
in Unguja.
13. The members of University community are urged to follow any directives as given by the
University Senate and or as advised by authorities by the government of the United
Republic of Tanzania and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar related to
preventive measures against Covid-19.
14. Such measures including or exclusively related to social distancing, cleanliness and being
socio-behavioural responsible against any risk related to spreading coronaviruses.
Issued by
The Deputy Vice Chancellor – Academic, Research and Consultancy
The State university of Zanzibar
26 th May 2020.

SUZA Senate Resolutions