Dear colleagues

You are informed that tomorrow on 26th November, 2020, the DALILA project team has organized a special day for the University Community regarding the Development of new academic curricula on sustainable energies and green economy in Africa .

This event known as DALILA Infor day is an orientation for the university community about DALILA ERASMUS Project(Ref number: 609853-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP), ERASMUS+ programme, Funded by the EACEA – Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency in collaboration with SUZA

SUZA in collaboration with other universities in Africa and Europe is currently taking initiatives of improving the global education through the ERASMUS program, in effort to increase knowledge and awareness of young students in Renewable Energy that will revert the skills shortages that constrain the transition to a greener economy.

We anticipate having two representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Water to take part during the occasion.

The event main purpose is to:-

Raise awareness among the academic community (professors, enrolled and candidate bachelor, master and PhD students) and young entrepreneurs about: climate change issues and its international governance processes; environmental protection and renewable energy and efficiency; green entrepreneurship as an alternative market and economic opportunities existing alternatives.
Increase students’ interest on green technologies and economy, on market opportunities, motivating them to attend the modules.
The Info-Days includes the dissemination of information on the project, related activities, and approved new courses.

You are warmly welcome and encouraged to take part during the organized events, it is a public forum for any interested person/individual.

It is expected to take place between 8.00 t0 13.30 hrs at project Lab Computing Building.

Please see the program schedule.


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