Reference Service: The provision of reference service is an important function of a library. Readers are provided this service on request. People have different reference queries that need to be solved by the librarian. Hence it is generally a person-to-person service. In many cases, reference processes involve interviewing the reader to enable the reference librarian articulate the problem of the user clearly. There are different types of reference services. These include the following:

  • Directional
  • Research Questions
  • Ready/Quick Reference Question
  • Search Questions

Users’ Education: An Orientation Programme offered to the students, at the beginning of each academic year or any time when it required by library users. This programme introduces the students on how to use the library, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC ), electronic resources, open access, IR and registers them so that they can avail themselves of the services.

Users may contact the librarian on duty for any difficult they experience in searching for the information in the library.

Loans of Information Materials/ Resources: Lending is available for books on open shelves. The loan period is two weeks for students, administrative staff and other registered members. The loan period is four weeks for academicians.

Book Reservation: Only one book may be borrowed at a time by presenting the special reserve card issued to each student at the time of registration. The loan period of special reserve book is 1 hour per book.

Request Services: Books which have been borrowed can be reserved by filling in a reader’s request card or online through OPAC. When the requested book is returned the library staff will notify the member who made the request.

Photocopying: The library operates a photocopying service to enable its members to have some documents and material for their personal use at the non-profit cost of Tshs. 50/= per page. Non – members are offered this service at the comparative market rate. Photocopy service is available at the ground floor of the Main library.

E – Library Services: The e – library has a collection of e – resources on wide range of subjects. These include e – books, full – text journals articles, databases, index and open access materials.

A user can search for these resources via on any SUZA campuses only. Please feel free to ask the library staff to assist you for searching the relevant resources if you need any help.