About School

While the School of Education (SOE) was established in 2012, its origins can be traced back to the 2001 founding of the Department of Education previously part of the School of Education, Arts and Science (SEAS). After the university restructuring in October 2012, the Department of Education, was upgraded and became the School of Education (SoE). Before restructuring, the department focused on addressing professional development needs of Zanzibar educators, and preparation of secondary school teachers. Recently, SoE has been making deliberate efforts to further expand its programs by introducing new programs which intend to provide wide range of professions.


Existing department

  • Department of Educational Foundation, Instruction and Leadership (DEFIL)

Proposed departments

  • Department on Early Childhood, Primary Education, Inclusive and Special Needs Education
  • Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  • Department of Teacher Education

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