The Department of Social Sciences is under the SNSS. Under the new structure the Department is dedicated to provide diverse field of studies relevant to the current and future market needs on social sciences in its comprehensive understanding. In achieving the target, various undergraduate programmes have been already established and more to come in near future. Moreover, the Department will introduce postgraduate programmes to broaden the scope of the knowledge offered so as to cater for the wider job market needs. The Department has embraced the multidisciplinary approach in knowledge provision and integrated performance based programmes. The Department also operates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) lab for the programme of Environmental Studies, which cater for undergraduate programmes and ultimately post-graduate programmes to be introduced. The students in all programmes engage in industrial field work with various employers and thus they learn at work

Programmes offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts in History and Archeology (BAHA)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies (BAGES)
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education (BA. Ed)
  • Diploma in Social Work (DSW)
  • Diploma in Arts with Education (DA. Ed)