The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) has identified Computer Science and Information Technology as its unique selling point and seeks to distinguish itself from other training providers on this basis. In line with this goal, the Department has invested in offering courses that catch up with current trends in computing technologies. Among areas of priorities are mobile and web, reflecting to the current and future needs in computing. As part of major University reform programme, our programmes are supplemented with management and communication skills in order to prepare our graduates in a better position in labour market competition. Modules in innovation and entrepreneurship are also meant to change graduates mentality from that of seeking employment to that of job creators.

Department offers these programmes in two streams: Computer Science which focuses on building scientific grounding of computing, and Information Technology which focuses on equipping students with up to date knowledge on new technologies and their applications. These programmes are being offered at Undergraduate level as well as pre-undergraduate: Diploma and Certificate.

Programmes offered:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.Sc. CS)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology Application & Management (BITAM)
  • Bachelor of Science and IT with Education – IT Major (BSc & IT ED
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Information Technology

Department future programmes:

  • BSc Communication Engineering
  • BSc Multimedia and Animation
  • BSc Informatics – GIS and remote sensing
  • BSc Informatics – mobile and web technologies
  • Msc in Computer Science
  • Msc in Information Technology

Spatial data and other Consultancy:

  • To be internationally recognised as an important research and innovation hub and a leader in East Africa for geospatial sciences, technologies and its application.
  • Offered IT Consultancies in Different Fields

Contact Informations

Head of Department

Dr Aboubakar Diwani