On the 19th September, 2017 a delegation from China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries (CNRIFFI) comprising of the Vice President, Professor Huang Yutong, the Director of International Training Centre, Mr. Peng Hao and Director of the Department of the International Cooperation, Ms. Luo Yanqin visited the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) seeking to collaborate with the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) in the area of food industry.

Professor Huang Yutong said the collaboration would aim at building capacity through offering training on food industry and food technology to personnel of SUZA’s Institute of Tourism Development as his Institute extensive expertise and has made world-level achievements in food field and also has maintained leading position within China in food industrial microbial resources utilization, traditional brewery engineering technology, new food resources and functional ingredients development, food safety assurance technology and standardization technology. CNRIFFI wants to create chefs of international quality who will be able to serve internationally, he continued saying.

Prof. Idris Rai, the SUZA Vice Chancellor gives elaboration on something during the meeting with CNRIFF delegation. On Prof. Rai’s right is Prof. Huang Yutong, the CNRIFF Vice President.


“By collaborating with SUZA and other institutions in Zanzibar CNRIFFI will be putting into practice bilateral relationship between these two nations”, he added.

The delegation informed SUZA that these two sides will be making frequent visiting to and from China so as to enhance this relationship which aimed to develop tourism industry in Zanzibar. They urged SUZA to clarify the problems they encounter in the industry and that they will be ready to find their solutions soon.

Earlier, Prof. Idris Rai, the SUZA Vice Chancellor informed the visitors that China has been a good friend to Zanzibar and that many Chinese higher learning institutions have shown interest to work in partnership with his university in academic field, he said that Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) delegation will soon be here to strengthen their relationship with SUZA.

Prof. Rai enlightened that tourism is SUZA’s emerging priority and that the aim is to capture all opportunities which are so far mostly occupied by foreigners due to lack of expertise among Zanzibaris. He appealed to visitors to develop a joint programme with SUZA in which through SUZA Television Station CNRIFFI may introduce special Chef Programmes which offer practical training from which people may learn. He finally thanked them for the ideas they outlined.