Blue Innovation Challenge 2022
Activity: Awarding Ceremony at Hitel Verde Zanzibar. Hosted by State University of Zanzibar as one of the WasteX Lab Prigrammes.
WasteX Lab together with SUZA, SMIDA, KIST and  the Ministry of Blue Economy employs an innovation challenge approach  as a way to map existing solutions in the solid waste innovation ecosystem and serve as a catalyst/ladder for further innovation and scale. The approach is congruent with the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar-approved Zanzibar Vision 2050, which highlights the importance of boosting innovation and climate resilience planning. Furthermore, the Blue economy ministry of Zanzibar has highlighted priority of institutional capacity building for waste management and combating land-based sources of marine pollution, marine litter, and microplastics as one of its main priority.
The State University of Zanzibar launched in  WasteX lab programmes as an initiative led by UNDP and UNICEF Tanzania, to appreciate creactivities and innovations  in adding value of waste in the production of goods through recycling and upcycling.
It is estimated that Zanzibar generates approximately 663 tons of municipal solid waste per day,
The WasteX Lab assumes  that waste can be effectively managed and minimized by supporting innovative enterprises with a transactional model led by youth and young women.