Students Affair Unit


The Students Affairs Unit deals with Students of different backgrounds who are engaging in the process of growth and change. While students are ultimately responsible for their own lives, the campus is formative for them and instrumental in their efforts to achieve academic success and personal fulfillment. The worth, dignity and aspiration of each individual is respected. Student development occurs inside and outside the classrooms; it involves cultivation of character as well as acquisition of knowledge.

Providing Services

The unit provides services that promote the wellbeing of students. Such services are meeting their basic needs like housing through arranging for them with the land lords near their campus and catering by leasing the cafeteria coordinate the students loans as well as assisting them with the medical facilities. Sports facilities are being taken care.

Enhancing Individual Development:

The student affairs unit fosters educational, psychological, and physical development of individuals. Services such as counseling, programs and others that enable students expand their capabilities and understanding, handling personal problems which if left unattended, inhibit learning and development are offered. The unit focuses on wellbeing and prevention as well as remediation of individual and environmental problems.

Developing Community Life

In collaboration with the students’ organization government, the unit advances programs and activities that nurture and encourage a strong sense of community among students. They are involved in the institutional governance, identifying opportunities for service to the community and assisting groups of students in the collective management of their affairs.



Student's Governing Body

The State University of Zanzibar Students’ Organization (SUZASO) is the students’ governing body in this university. All registered students become members of the organization automatically.. The students’ leaders are being elected by the students themselves annually. The organization is responsible for coordinating students with the university’s management. It protects and promotes students’ interests in all aspects of their lives during their stay in at the university. The students issues are discussed in the Students’ Welfare Meeting which is answerable to the Senate. SUZASO represents SUZA community in different Students’ Organizations; local, national and international. There are cultural, social, environmental, HIV/AIDS clubs as well as Kiswahili learners club within the Students’ Governing Body. These all help the organization perform its outreach activities.