School of Natural & Social Science (SNSS)


The School of Natural and Social Sciences (SNSS): aims to produce professional Arts, Natural and Social Sciences graduates who will take education and other two teaching subjects drawn from a combination of the two science subjects (i.e., BSc (Ed.) in Phy/Maths, BSc (Ed.) in Phy/Chem, BSc (Ed.) in Maths/Chem, BSc (Ed.) in Biol/Chem and BSc (Ed.) in Biol/Geog. TheSchool’s goal is to support students’ learning of the scientific approach to knowledge acquisition for the attainment of scientific based knowledge. 


To become a regional model of academic excellence for learning and research that advance knowledge, competence in science and technology for the well-being of present and future generations. 

Mission statement

To offer the demand driven programs for the production of high quality graduates in the field of Natural and Social Sciences that respond to the needs of modern society. 


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Core values

The School of Natural and Social Sciences (SNSS):  values are based on excellence, confidence, integrity, competence, efficiency and quality in the academic and administrative.

Structure of the School

Currently School has three departments:

  •  Department of Social Sciences.
  •  Department of Natural Sciences.
  • Department of Computer Science & Information Technology.

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