About The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA)

Background History

Founded in 1999 and started its academic activities in 2001, SUZA has quickly placed itself among the icons of academic quality and excellence in the region. As a public university, it focuses on delivering relevant education targeted at speeding up social changes and positive transformation to contribute to socio-economic development of the country.

SUZA consists of various campuses that are found at equally beautiful but different locations within the island. Inherited from the first Teacher Training College in East Africa comes Beit-el-Rasi campus. Located along the coast of the Indian Ocean 5 km from the stone town, this is a unique and unparalleled campus in the region that is constantly and naturally decorated by glittering blue sea and white beach along the perimeter of the campus. Here, our students enjoy very enriching learning environment along with the sea breezes.

The Vuga campus is at the heart of the famous and historic stone town. Zanzibar is proud of this very magnificently conserved UNESCO World heritage site that vividly manifests rich culture and history of Zanzibar and its people. The Vuga campus therefore is composed of old but well kept historic structures that are surrounded by social amenities and public offices.

SUZA  expand to its new third campus, called Tunguu Campus. Located around 12 km from the stone town, this brand new green field campus offers cutting-edge infrastructure of world standard. The campus will give to students a local alternative to some of the world’s attractive learning environments.

These three campuses are all located in Unguja island. More new campuses, that will house new schools, are planned to be built in the next five years in accordance with the university strategic plan. These will be located in both, Unguja and the sister island of Pemba.

Vision & Mission


The vision of the State University of Zanzibar is to be the preferred  Higher Institution of Learning and Research in  Eastern Africa.


The mission of the State University of Zanzibar  to provide quality and broadly relevant education and research to build knowledge-based society that can tackle the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.


Catalyst of Social Changes.


The University is governed through the Council, the Senate and the School Board.

Power of the Council

  • To administer the property of the University, both movable and immovable, other than the property of a constituent college, for the promotion of the best interest of the University.
  • To administer the funds and other assets of the University.
  • To signify the acts of the University by the use of the common seal.
  • To receive on behalf of the University or a constitute college gifts, donations, grants or other moneys and to make disbursements from them to the schools, institutes, constituent colleges or to other persons or bodies of persons.
  • To provide for the welfare of the students and staff of the University
  • To enter into association or co-operation with any other university or institution of learning within or outside Zanzibar as the Council may deem necessary or appropriate.
  • Subject to the provisions of this Act, to appoint such officers of the University as it may deem necessary

Council Members

    • Hon. Said B. Jecha – Chairperson;
    • Mr. Abdulla M. Abdulla –Member from the Ministry of Education of Zanzibar;
    • Hon. Mgeni H. Juma -Member from House of Representative of Zanzibar;
    • Prof. Idris A. Rai -An ex-officio member;
    • Dr. Haji M. Haji -An ex-officio member and Secretary of the Council;
    • Dr. Zakia M. Abubakar -An ex-officio member;
    • Prof. Hamed R. Hikmany -Principal, University College of Education Zanzibar
    • Ms. Amina Kh. Shaaban -Member from Planning Commission, Zanzibar;
    • Mr. Khamis M. Omar -Member from President’s Office, Financial, Economy and Development Planning Zanzibar;
    • Mr. Simai M. Said -Member from Business Community in Zanzibar;
    • Mr. Suleiman A. Seif- Member from the State University of Zanzibar Students’ Organization;
    • Mr. Mmanga M. Mjawiri- Member from Academic Staff Association;
    • Dr. Narriman S. Jidawi -Member who is a female Academician.
    • Prof. Hamad H. Issa –Member from the Senate;
    • Ms. Zainab A. Iddi –Member from the Senate.




  • Mr. Suleman M. Juma -Assistant to Secretary of the Council
  • Mr. Mtaib A. Othman -Assistant to Secretary of the Council

The Senate

  • Prof. Idris A. Rai – Chairman
  • Dr. Haji Mwevura Haji – DVC-Academics
  • Dr. Zakia M. Abubakar – DVC-Administration
  • Prof. Hamad H. Issa – Dean of SNSS
  • Dr. Issa H. Zidy – Dean of SKFL
  • Mr. Abdalla Hemed – Dean of SoE
  • Mr. Gharib H. Mohammed – Dean of SCOPE
  • Ms. Ramla M. Ramadhan – Dean of Students
  • Dr. Narma S. Jiddawy – Appointee of Council
  • Mr. Maulid O. Haji – Repr. SUZAASA
  • Mr Hafidh S. Nassor – Director of Library Services
  • Mr Said Kh. Juma – Repr. Board of SoE
  • Ms Maryam A. Mwinyi – Repr. Board of SoE
  • Ms Sakina A. Allawy – Repr. Board of SCOPE
  • Mr Yahya H. Sheikh – Repr. Board of SNSS
  • Mr Haroun A. Maalim – Repr. Board of SKFL
  • Ms Zainab A. Iddi – Repr. Board of SKFL
  • Mr Juma S. Semjaka – Repr. SUZASO


SUZA has a central senior administrative team, responsible for the management of the University. All other staff; namely Academic, Administrative and support staff work throughout the University and Schools; they are crucial to the University’s success and reputation.


The University comprises of Schools, Departments and Research Centers, which form a academic wing, and a administrative departments and units which form the administration of the University.


Academically, SUZA has four Schools each forming an administrative grouping of Departments: The schools at SUZA are Natural and Social Sciences, Education, Kiswahili, and Continuing and Professional Education.


Departments are responsible for organizing and undertaking daily teaching and research activities.

Our Peoples



The Chancellor is the titular head and representative of the university, and confers degrees in its name. The Chancellor of The State University of Zanzibar is by default the President of Zanzibar or the person appointed by him. The Chancellor shall provide such advice and guidance to the Council for the betterment of the University. read more..


Vice Chancellor : Prof. IDRIS AHMADA RAI

The Vice Chancellor of the University shall be appointed by the President. He/she holds the office for a term of four years, and may be appointed for only further term of four years. The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive officer of the University and is responsible to the Council for the Implementation of the decisions of the Council. read more..



The Deputy Vice Chancellor is appointed by the President in Consultation of the Council. He holds the office for three years , and may be appointed for one further term of three years. Deputy Vice Chancellor – Academics , who is in-charge of academics matters of the university. read more..


DVC Administration : DR. ZAKIA M. ABOUBAKAR

The Deputy Vice Chancellor is appointed by the President in Consultation of the Council. He holds the office for three years , and may be appointed for one further term of three years. Deputy Vice Chancellor – Administration , who is in-charge of administration, finance, and planning. read more..