Planning & Policy Unit

The Planning Unit of the University of is located within the Central Administration Block . The office provides a range of management information and planning support to facilitate informed decision – making, planning and policy formulation, and the overall strategic development of the University.

The main functions of the Unit include Planning and coordinating major University capital projects as well as defining the long term physical vision of the University in terms of infrastructure, equipment and human resources.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Planning Unit:

  • Coordinate and compile the University budget
  • Design and implement in consultation with the HR Development Unit, the development and training program of the employees of Planning Unit.
  • Produces a range of institutional statistics and undertakes data manipulation, analysis and interpretation to convert raw data into useful management information.
  • Prepares plans and project documents for submission through boards to the government and other donors for funding
  • Monitors resources allocation and utilization in line with the plans of the university
  • Develops resources allocation parameter
  • Determines manpower needs, control and staff development
  • Prepares annual plans of the University for Submission to government.
  • Provision of data-based information on various aspect of the university operation.

Contacts information

Mr. Pandu K. Pandu

In charge – Planning Unit

MA Educational Planning , Economics and International Development – University College of London – Institute of Education. ( London – UK)

MSc Economics in Project Planning and Management   – Mzumbe University   (Morogoro – Tanzania)

Advance Certificate in Educational Sector Planning – IIEP (Paris – France)

BA Economics – Zanzibar University.