Center for ICT Services

Welcome to the Centre for ICT Services webpage. Our team of highly skilled and talented people is passionate about providing students, staff and visitors with the best possible IT services, products and support. 

About Us

Centre for ICT Services (CICTS) provides information technology (IT) systems and services that support SUZA’s education, research, and administrative programs. While working to modernize these systems, CICTS is also collaborating with faculty, staff, and students on innovative IT services to meet the diverse needs of the SUZA community.

ICT Services Responsibilities

IT Support

  • Help Desk
  • Student & Staff support
  • IT Training

Infrastructure & Applications

  • Application Software
  • Data Centres
  • Database Administration
  • Development & Support
  • System Operations
  • Data & Voice Network
  • Web hosting and Web Design

Teaching & Learning Facilities

  • Computer Labs
  • E-learning Platforms
  • Audio Visual Equipment and Installation

Information Security

  • IT Security
  • Data Protection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Virus & Spam

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find wireless access point around the campus?

Answer: If you are at Tunguu campus ,Wireless is available around garden areas, Science building, Computing building and library.

If you are at Vuga Campus, Wireless is available in a Vuga Hall.

If you are at Nkrumah Campus, Wireless is available around garden areas and in library



How can I use network projector in Tunguu labs?

Answer: Bring your laptop at Help Desk for software installation and for short training on how to connect the projector

How can I get Zimbra Email Account?

Report at Help Desk Tunguu Campus

How can I get Learning Management System’s account?

Contact Mr Twalha at Ground Floor Computing Building opposite CCL 1 Lab or email him at:

Where can I get projector?

Answer: Tunguu Campus, you can borrow projector either at Computing Building Help Desk or at Science Building Dean Office


Contact Informations

Website :

Email :

Mob: 0778933064 ( Tunguu Campus)

0713272064 (Tunguu Campus)

0777474566 (Vuga Campus)

IT Governance

The ICT and Instructional Technologies Committee(ICTITC) is a decision-making body that reports directly to University Council on all SUZA’ s ICT matters.

The Committee focus on the following responsibilities:

  • provide guidance for an organisational structure with well defined roles for the responsibility of  information, business processes, applications and infrastructure.
  • ensure University ICT resources are aligned to its stated strategic aspirations
  • Oversee development and support of all major ICT systems and functions
  • Oversea major ICT-related projects
  • Assess and advise upon any proposed changes to current ICT technologies and practices
  • Ratify ICT strategic plan and policies and support compliance initiatives
  • Advise on strategy, resources and priorities with regards to ICT
  • Review and rule on recommendations from feeder committees and groups

ICT Staff Members

Suleiman M. Yussuf
ICT Coordinator

Ramadhan Ahmada
Web Master