Center for Digital Learning

The Centre for Digital Learning is located at Tunguu Campus at the State University of Zanzibar. It was established as an approach to implement SUZA’s 5years strategic plan that had one of the key objectives which is To improve ICT capacity and its effective utilization in teaching, research and management. 

The Centre for Digital Learning aims to:

  • Strategize the production of digital content for learning.
  • Coordinate the integration of OERs into our local curriculum at SUZA.
  • Coordinate the production and usage of MOOCS.
  • Operate and manage SUZA TV channel for learning (t-leaning)
  • Operate and manage SUZA Radio channel for learning.
  • Coordinate and manage online learning at SUZA.
  • Provide relevant training fro students and staff.
  • Undertake research on instructional technology.


MOOCS Production

MOOCS, which stands for Massive Open Online Course is an online course, aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. MOOCs provide interactive user forums to support community interactions among students, professors, and teaching assistants (TAs).

At the Centre for Digital Learning, there is an ongoing production of Swahili MOOCS for beginners, which is the first of its kind and only MOOC so far that teaches Swahili. This course is a joint project between the Centre for Digital learning at the State university of Zanzibar and the Centre for African Studies of Copenhagen University in Denmark.




At SUZA, both lecturers and students utilize the university’s e-learning platform. Through blended format style, teachers and students get to interact both in the classrooms as well as well as online. The lecturers meet up with the students in classrooms as well as using the Moodle online platform. Moodle is mostly used as course support where teachers post slides and other relevant course materials. It is not replacing the course as in an e-learning set-up.

Some uses of Moodle in teaching

  • Posting of course documents (power point slides, PDF, or weblinks),
  • Giving feedback and homeworks as documents (Word , PDF, etc …),
  • Adding entries in a database,
  • Solving quizzes,
  • Responding to questionnaires and surveys,
  • Building a part of the course using a wiki
  • Participation in forums.


SUZA TV is a non-commercial educational public television station located at the Centre for digital learning at SUZA. The channel is responsible for broadcasting Science and Mathematics lesson series for the O-level students. The programs are produced by mostly the SUZA Secondary School teachers at the CDL studio. Before being aired, the content is reviewed by the Subject Matter Experts , edited and then aired. The aim of the SUZA TV is to help students at home who have difficulty in understanding Science Subjects. It is also expected that the programs will inspire learning, advance and disseminate knowledge in Zanzibar. Besides the Science programs, SUZA TV also produce other programs such as, School profile, Lets Talk, which is a talk show where various topics are discussed between the host of the programme and the guest and Outreach program where students in schools are visited by medical expertise and checked, Additionally, some free available educational and inspirational videos like TED talks are also aired on SUZA TV. There is a plan to have more educational programs as the day go by.