School of Education (SoE)

About School

While the School of Education (SOE) was established in 2012, its origins can be traced back to the 2001 founding of the Department of Education previously part of the School of Education, Arts and Science (SEAS). After the university restructuring in October 2012, the Department of Education, was upgraded and became the School of Education (SoE). Before restructuring, the department focused on addressing professional development needs of Zanzibar educators, and preparation of secondary school teachers. Recently, SoE has been making deliberate efforts to further expand its programs by introducing new programs which intend to provide wide range of professions.


Existing department

  • Department of Educational Foundation, Instruction and Leadership (DEFIL)
  • Department on Early Childhood, Primary Education, Inclusive and Special Needs Education

Proposed departments

  • Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  • Department of Teacher Education

Programmes Offered

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Master of Education in Teaching Kiswahili for Speakers of Other Languages (TEKSOL)
  • Master of Education, Youth, Gender and Development

Professional Courses

In pursuit of our vision and mission, we provide professional courses at diploma and undergraduate level in collaboration with School of Natural Sciences (SNSS) and School of Kiswahili and Foreign Languages (SKFL). Professional courses are designed to prepare qualified teachers, who will be competent in teaching core academic subjects at secondary school setting. The courses allow prospective teachers to learn subjects of interests and give them a taste of teaching career. SoE offers a number of professional courses for ALL undergraduate and diploma students taking education while at SUZA.

  • Bachelor of Arts with Education (B.A. Ed),
  • Bachelor of Science with Education (B.Sc. Ed)
  • Bachelor of Science and Information Technology with Education (BITED)
  • Bachelor of Kiswahili with EDUCATION (BAKE)
  • Diploma in Languages with Education (Dipl.LED).
  • Diploma in Science with Education (DSc Ed) (Two years).
  • Diploma in Science with Education (DScEd) (Three years)  Diploma in Arts with Education (DAED)


  • Diploma in Educational Leadership & Management (DELM)
  • Diploma in Inclusive and Special Needs Education (DISNE)
  • Diploma in Physical Education and Sport Sciences (DPESS)
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE)
  • Diploma in Science with Education (DSCEd.)

Short Professional Courses

In collaboration with the School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE), the School of Education offer a number of short professional courses tailored to fit students’ career aspiration. All courses are open to the university staff and the general public.

Block Teacher Practice (BTP)

Whether you are a prospective student, novice or an experienced teacher looking to strengthen your expertise, you must participate in teaching practicum. The practicum allows you to put university learning (theory) into practice.

Upcoming Programs

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Teacher Education (P Dip TE)
  • Master in Language in Education ( M Ed. LEI)

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The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA)

School of Education

P.O. Box: 146

Tunguu Campus


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School Team

Dr. Maryam J. Ismail
Dean of School

Maryam Amour Mwinyi
Head of Department, DEFIL

Shehe A Moh'd
Head of Department, DECEPISNE