Directorate of Graduate Studies, Research and Consultancy (DGSRC)


Untitled1The vital role of research is to advance and refine knowledge and provide solutions to probelms facing society at local and international levels. It is in this contention that the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), a public higher learning institution commits itself to bringing about changes in the social, political and economic developments of Zanzibari through the Directorate of Graduate Studies, Research and Consultancy.


To provide opportunities for scholarly and strategic research, tracing adequate human and financial resources as well as highly-rated professional services to the community in the United Republic of Tanzania, Regional and the rest of the world.

Main Objectives

The main objective of the Directorate is to facilitate research, graduate studies, publication, innovation, and community services.

Specific Objectives

  • To coordinate research and graduate studies, oversees graduate programmes and the graduate student application and admission process.
  • To advise the University administration on research grants and Consultancy contracts.
  • To administer activities related to technology commercialization, business and industry outreach.
  • To facilitate research related  training to staff members.
  • To seek funding sources for research and dissemination of research findings.
  • To establish internal, regional and global link/collaboration with other institutions in research activities through the availability and optimal utilization of research facilities.
  • To set the necessary ethical standards for research that would take into account issues such as those relating to the environment, protection of human rights, copyrights and the like.
  • To encourage and coordinate outreach programmes for good quality professional services to the society.

9. To develop and coordinate graduate programs.

Graduate Studies

The Postgraduate Studies section is also another important organ in an institution of higher learning. It aims at providing for students advance courses that would enable them to obtain postgraduate diploma, master and doctoral degrees in different fields. The section coordinates all matters pertaining to graduate programmes in collaboration with respective University colleges, schools and institutes. The section oversees guidelines and procedures i.e admission and graduation criteria, supervision, quality control (needs assessment) and monitoring for graduate programmes. The proposed functions of the section are:

  • To coordinate research for masters’ and doctoral students.
  • To administer admission of graduate students.
  • To coordinate graduate programmes.
  • To prepare guidelines for evaluation of graduate students.
  • To prepare guidelines for honorary degrees.

Programmes Offered

  • PhD. Kiswahili
  • MSc. Chemistry
  • MSc. Environmental Sciences
  • M.A Kiswahili
  • M.A Education in Teaching Kiswahili to speakers of other language
  • M.A Education in Youth, Gender and Development
  • MSc. Natural Resource Management and Climate change

Envisaged Programmes

  • M.A. Language in Education
  • M.A. Arabic
  • M.A. Economics
  • M.A. Statistics
  • M.A. Business


The Section coordinates and facilitates research activities among SUZA academic staff and students to advance knowledge on research and academic ethics. Research results are disseminated through the Directorate’s newsletter, SUZA Journals, the University website and Research repository as well as through scholarly papers and presentations. From time to time, the unit organizes public lectures, brain trust and symposia/conferences. The proposed functions of the section are:

  1. Advocate for performance-based research funding from the government. Such funding could take into account the success in attracting research income from diversity of sources, including internal and external development partners both private and public.
  2. Involve highly qualified research experts in matters connected with funding and disseminate calls for competitive proposals.
  • Encourage University academic staff to aggressively seek funding from various sources.
  1. Coordinate and sustain the publications of Research Newsletter and SUZA Journal of Natural and Social Sciences.
  2. Conduct training/ workshops, seminars on research, publications and consultancy skills for both staff and students, coordinators and other personnel in key research administrative sections.
  3. Provide them sabbatical leaves when the need arises.
  • Establish mechanisms for quality assurance and intellectual property protection that are to be produced within the University.
  • Reward successful researchers for their outstanding works.
  1. Establish research Directorate for various disciplines.
  2. Provide platform for researchers.
  3. Have rigorous evaluation team to screen submitted proposals for funding.
  • Have close monitoring of research funds through examining progressive reports of funded projects monitoring.

Contact Informations

Directorate of Graduate Studies, Research and Consultancy

P.O. Box 146

Zanzibar – Tanzania




Directorate Team

Dr. Abdalla Ibrahim Ali
DGSRC Director