School of Health and Medical Sciences (SHMS)

About School

The School of Health and Medical Sciences has now been expanded following merging with the then College of Health Sciences (CHS), Zanzibar which was established under Act No. 10 of 1998 of the House of Representatives as a semi autonomous organ.
Traditionally, CHS is a continuation of Zanzibar Health Training School which was established in 1938. It was officially inaugurated in 1989 aiming at providing quality health services for improving life of people of Zanzibar.

The School of Health and Medical Sciences (SHMS) aims to establish the programmes designed to produce the much needed health professionals for the internal and external uses. The overall objectives of the programmes within the SHMS will be to produce quality and relevant health professionals, doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists, and pharmacists who will be able to tackle the present and future health issues. Also to provide human resources for health within and outside the region and identify and describe the most important health issues in the local and international context.

The School is located in West District within Urban West Region about 7 kilometres South West Zanzibar Town. Access to the College is from Mazizini Police Station through Bakari Jabu Road.


To be preferred higher institution of training medical doctors professional with highest degree of competence, scientific knowledge, attitudes and skills in Zanzibar and the rest of the Africa.


To develop medical doctors with the highest quality of professionalisms, through training and researches to be able effectively and efficiently deal with health and medical problems in all health sectors.

Phylosophy/Core Values

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Nursing programmes are geared towards producing competent medical and health professionals with scientific knowledge, skills and attitudes to cope with the dynamic changes of the profession, technology and socio-economic needs.

While the SMHS is striving to achieve its Vision and Mission it is guided by the following VALUES:

  • Excellence and quality
  • Care and respect
  • Trust and integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment

Academic Support

The Medical School organizes research presentation for students to equip them with the necessary information of what it takes to train and become a Medical Doctor.

Medical School takes out students for community field work, research work in collaboration with foreign school partners (Boston University & Australia Leprosy) and Clinical Skills exposures sessions with our Teaching Hospitals – Mnazi Mmoja Referral Hospital.

Programmes Offered

Undergraduate programmes

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health

Diploma programmes

  • Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  • Diploma in Clinical Dentistry
  • Diploma in EnvironMental Health Sciences
  • Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy

Future programmes

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing and Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Contact Information

Dean of School,

Dr. Salum Seif Salum

Campus : SUZA-Mbweni,


Email :,

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School Managements

Dr. Salum Seif Salum
Dean of School